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Ja-Bob Holsteins are owned by Mark and Joy Yeazel. They farm in Eaton, Ohio and are located on just 233 acres. Herd average is 27,500 give or take, with a 1000 fat and 900 protein.

Our herd is based on the genetics of Sky-Hi Mars Helen-ET RC EX 92 , who to date has more than 100 bulls in AI that trace to her maternal female lines and hundreds more that trace maternally through the male side. Helen is one of 19 cows on the Wisconsin Wall of Fame. Helen has over 200 known Excellent maternal female descendants in ten countries around the world, including USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Switzerland. She has over 800 maternal female descendants that scored VG in twelve different countries. 

Ja-Bob Jordan-Red-ET and Horizon Ranger are the most famous bulls to trace directly to Helen. Currently we have two bulls that are in active AI service. We are indeed blessed to have a bull like Jordan carry the Ja-Bob prefix and congratulate Jean-Louis Schrago of ABC Genetics for his success, persistence in proving red bulls and faith in the Helen family.

Our breeding philosophy is directly related to my philosophy for life. I never set out to breed one of the top red bulls in the world. I only hope to breed a bull that whether he graduates into proven status or not, the dairy farmer will look at the resulting cow and say "that was a good cow for me".

We are about helping people become all they can, breeding cows that will help dairyman reach that next plateau, and raising our children to be productive citizens with a heart for helping others. I often employ those who need mentoring to overcome life's challenges and every once in a while, we find ourselves with a house guest, someone who has a need. We try to focus on things that have an eternal effect, because life on this earth is short.

We support Caminul Felix, an orphanage in Romania. We have traveled their in 2007 to help them with their dairy operation. I have helped them buy several pieces of farm equipment and 24 bred heifers. We are now working to help Felix Families build a house in Thailand for orphans who have HIV/Aids. We also support missionaries Dirk and Karen Martin in Haiti. We traveled to Haiti in 2003 to help them run a sports camp for blind and handicapped Haitian Children. I have my own ministry “Junk for Jesus”, which I collect and recycle scrap metal to raise funds for ministries and missionaries worldwide.

Our family is extremely blessed to have the Helen family to work with and believe it will work for you also, just like it has for many literally around the world (Jordan is now in 47 countries) It is extremely rewarding to receive notes from England, Germany, Canada and many breeders in the US about the success of their cattle related to the Helen family. Let us know if we can help you start your own line of the Helen's!

Mark Yeazel

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