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Ohiana Mom Handmaid-RED

Ohiana Mom Handmaid-RED-ET
EX 91 EX Mam DOM
Sire: Mr Hurl-Three Momentum-RED

4th Gen EX from 4E 92 Helen!

3-5 365d 34,230 3.7 1272 3.5 1182

Dam: Ja-Bob Holly Jo-RED-ET
6-11 365d 29,440 4.5 1322 3.3 960

2nd Dam: Ja-Bob Mark Heavenly Joy-RC
3-06 365d 28,827 4.2 1215 3.3 952


World Class Leader in Red Genetics!
Handmaid's Famous Son!

Handmaid's Famous Son

Ja-Bob Jordon-RED-ET TV TL EX 90

Sire of AI Bulls World Wide - Used in 47 countries!

Semen still available from ABC Genetics


2nd Dam of Handmaid & 3rd Dam of Jordon!

Ja-Bob Mark Heavenly Joy-RC
Sire: Walkway Chief Mark
3-06 365d 28,827 4.2 1215 3.3 952
7-03 365d 33,093 3.5 1155 3.2 1054
Dam of Horizon Ranger-Red

3rd Direct Dam of Handmaid- The Famous Helen!

3rd Dam of Handmaid & 4th Dam of Jordon!

Sky-Hi Mars Helen-ET

3-03 365d 25,880 4.1 1057 3.2 837

Sire of AI Bulls World Wide - Used in 47 countries!

Helen has over 200 known Excellent maternal descendants in ten different countries and over 500 VG maternal descendants in 10 countries around the world , including USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Denmark, Northern Ireland and Switzerland. She has over 800 maternal fermale descendants that scored VG in twelve different countries.

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